Quality Child Care can Make a Difference in the Future of Your Child, Your Community & even the World.

About Dani’s Daycare

By choosing quality child care, you give your child a head start on a strong mind, body and spirit. At Dani’s Daycare, I understand how important this decision is and firmly believe the relationship between care provider, child and parents needs to be strong and with open communication. I suggest that all families in need of child care take their time finding the right fit and ask lots of questions of any potential child care facility.

  • Look at several facilities so you can compare them (first impression, safety, cleanliness, materials/toys, interaction with children, number of children in attendance)
  • Read through their policies and procedures and ensure they have safety measures in place for emergencies as well as day to day occurrences
  • Ask lots of questions about the care providers credentials, experience, knowledge and how they would handle some “what-if” situations. Does the facility meet your needs for affordability, location, values and schedule?
Dani’s Daycare offers a licensed family child care environment with 19 years experience running a daycare. I believe that kids learn through play and I ensure that they are provided with quality toys and activities to help stimulate their minds, imaginations, and physical development.The experiences they have at daycare will help to shape them for their futures and help them to enter into their school years easily.

There are many choices open to families in need of childcare…licensed family child care, license-not-required (can only have 2 children aside from their own), in-own-home care, group child care, multi age child care, preschools, out of school care and occasional care. The local Child Care Resource and Referral agency in our area can give you a list of all facilities that currently have space available meeting your needs.

Kamloops Child Care Resource & Referral
435 McGowan Ave – Kamloops, BC V2B 2P2
(250) 376-4771 / (250) 376-6994

What we offer

I believe in a positive approach when guiding children and try to teach them how to solve problems for themselves and how to express their ideas and opinions in a constructive and respectful manner. I strive to teach all “my kids” how to respect each other, themselves, their surroundings and their belongings. I believe that a care provider should be an extension of the child’s parents and that our family values and guidance policies should match up so that we can create a happy balance between home and daycare for your child centred around respect and responsibility.

What the children will learn when they play:

  • How things work
  • The nature of materials
  • Concepts
  • Rhythm
  • Words and ideas
  • How to cooperate and socialize
  • How to problem solve
  • How to use their imagination
  • How to be creative
  • How to use their bodies in play and exercise
  • That they are capable

It is my utmost goal to make sure that each child in my care feels loved and cared for……just like at home!

Daycare Environment

My home boasts a beautiful property to run and play and explore, with a well organized playroom and crafts area inside my house. With everything from a sandbox, slides and a playhouse….. to building blocks, trains, barbies, dolls, cars, games, puzzles, painting, crafts and so much more. We love to sing and dance and be silly…. as well as practice our colours, numbers and writing.

A lot of my programming occurs in the moment so that we can take advantage of simple, every day learning opportunities. I run each day on a “rough” schedule based on the children’s arrivals and departures, snacks, lunches and nap schedules…. but like to explore what each day brings based on what the children are interested in (i.e.: bug hunting, playing musical instruments, building, snuggling on the couch for movie and a bucket of popcorn, or just reading a good book at story time). All activities will be taught following my centre’s rules of respect, responsibility and safety while taking into account each child’s individual abilities and developmental levels.

  • Affordable Childcare Benefit recipients welcome
  • Enrolled in the Childcare Reduction Funding Initiative
  • Family environment
  • Non-smoking
  • CPR and first aid trained
  • Licensed daycare
  • Care for children 12 months to 10 years
  • Full time and part time spaces
  • After-school pickup and care is offered from select elementary schools close to Danis’ Daycare

Dani’s Daycare

842 Puhallo Drive
Kamloops, BC
Canada V2B 6P7

Phone: 250 572-1729

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday: 7 am to 5 pm